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Regardless of which of the above loss components you have suffered, (commercial, residential, structural, loss of revenue, etc.), there is no question that proper adjustment of your claim on your behalf requires a great deal of knowledge, experience and skill… and, quite frankly, some good old-fashioned moxy. Insurance companies are fully staffed entities, with myriad specialized personnel – including cause and origin experts, special investigators, large loss adjusters, accountants, and attorneys – all of whom represent the insurance companies’ interests, with regard to your claim.

With Universal, we offer you the opportunity to have your own team of experts, to professionally document, present and negotiate all aspects of your insurance claim – regardless of peril (fire, wind, hail, etc.), complexity or dollar value. Where your carrier has a question, we will help you with an answer. Where your carrier has a need, we will help you to meet it. Where your carrier has an expert – and even where your carrier doesn’t have an expert, but one is called for – we will bring to bear all of the expertise your loss reasonably requires, in all of the fields of expertise reasonably required. In essence, where an unrepresented insured is otherwise “passive” or – at best – “reactive” in the adjustment process, we will make you “proactive.”

Our goal is really quite simple: we strive to represent our clients with great energy, drive, professionalism, claims-handling experience and – most importantly – honesty and integrity, in order to ensure that our clients are paid all that they are lawfully entitled to by their insurance companies.

The purpose of insurance is to be “made whole,” where there is a loss. We have, over the years, developed solid working relationships with a wide array of insurance carriers – big and small – with an enviable track record, through fair and honest claims-handling practices. We are proud of our achievements and good name in the industry. We stand at the ready to put our skills to work for you.

Thank you,

Gregory Webb, President, Universal Loss Consultants.