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Independent Insurance Adjuster

Public insurance adjuster for Insurance claims and disputes.

First and foremost, you must understand that the adjustment of an insurance claim – in essence, the exercise of figuring out how much the insured will be paid – is, by its very nature, an inexact science, an imprecise and somewhat subjective process. It is an art. This is why it is imperative to obtain an independent insurance adjuster or otherwise known as a  public insurance adjuster. The quantification of what has been lost, and the valuation of what it will cost to repair or replace it, are both, to some extent, matters of expert opinion.

The job of the public insurance adjuster is to ensure your insurance claims and disputes are resolved fairly and timely.

For example: an insurance carrier-assigned adjuster might argue that any number of damaged items can be cleaned or otherwise repaired and saved (or were worth very little to begin with), while a seasoned expert advocate for the insured can quite rightfully and effectively make arguments to the contrary on all fronts.

So, inevitably, an insurance adjustment is very much “adjustable.” And, if all of the adjustments are made solely by the insurance company’s “adjuster”?! …well, you get the picture.

The insurance industry is not a non-profit arena. Insurance companies do not grow and flourish without doing everything in their power to minimize claims and claims payments. We are in no way accusing insurance companies of any wrong-doing in saying this. We are merely emphasizing a fiscal reality, because this reality inevitably plays a role in how insurance companies adjust insurance claims.

On any insured loss, the question is thus begged: THE CARRIER HAS HIRED AN ADJUSTER TO CARRY ITS BANNER, WHY IN THE WORLD WOULD THE INSURED NOT HIRE ITS OWN ADJUSTER, A PUBLIC ADJUSTER, TO ADVOCATE FOR THE INSURED? To do otherwise would be akin to an injured civil plaintiff agreeing to have the insurance defense lawyer tell the victim where he/she is hurt and how much money he/she will be paid for his/her medical bills and pain. It would be akin to a divorcing person agreeing to have the terms of divorce dictated exclusively by his/her spouse’s lawyer.

That is why we do what we do. …To level the playing field. … To make sure the adjustment of your loss is “adjusted” to suit your interests and rightfully redress your loss.

For more information on how Universal Loss Consultants in Wilmington, NC can help in resolving insurance claims and disputes, hire a professional public insurance adjuster or independent insurance adjuster to handle your case.