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How to handle Insurance Claims.

Insurance adjustment service and Homeowners insurance claims advice.

The following information is by no means an all inclusive depiction of the claims process, but merely a short overview of how the process works and what you the insured can expect, either way it is good homeowners insurance claims advice. It’s never a bad idea to contact an insurance adjustment service for a second opinion or help with your claim.

Knowing how to handle insurance claims can be very beneficial. When you, an insured individual, family, business or other association, suffer a loss, the claims process is commenced – regardless of cause of loss (fire, wind, water, etc.) – immediately upon your reporting the loss to your insurance carrier. The carrier then gathers pertinent information and assigns your claim to an adjuster (this sometimes, unfortunately, it takes a few days). A carrier-assigned claims adjuster can be either a “company adjuster” (who works directly for the insurance company) or a so-called “independent adjuster” (who also serves the insurance company, but is employed by an independent adjusting agency that contracts with the insurance company to adjust and handle all or some of its losses). But, either way, let there be no question about who this adjuster “works for” (not you).

Both independent and company adjusters are licensed and regulated by the state(s) in which they adjust losses. The degree of damage sustained in a given loss usually dictates the experience level of the company or independent adjuster assigned to it by the involved carrier. Smaller claims are handled by claims adjusters who are licensed and certified, but normally less experienced. Larger claims – generally, in excess of one hundred thousand dollars – are commonly assigned by carriers to what is known as a “large loss adjuster” or “general adjuster.” Large loss or general adjuster qualification requires ten years of experience and multiple certifications.

Once a claims adjuster has been assigned to your loss by your carrier, the next step in the process is the initial site visit by this adjuster – at which point the carrier’s assessment and evaluation of the extent of damage to your insured structures, personal property and other assets begins in earnest.

An insurance adjustment service can help you clarify things, especially on how to handle insurance claims.